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ROMEO- 5 BILLION YouTube Views in Under 1 year!

ROMEO SANTOS Has Now Garnered OVER FIVE BILLION “Total YouTube Views” In Under One Year According To YouTube’s Music Insights, Which Measures Both Official Video & Fan Uploads To Determine An Artist’s Total Views Since September 2014, The King Of Bachata Has Now Surpassed FIVE BILLION VIEWS In Under One Year  Sample Comparison: As of Today, Romeo Santos Has Collected Over 700 Million MORE ‘Total YouTube Views’ Than Taylor Swift In The Same Time Period.   – In just the last 24 hours, Santos garnered OVER 6 Million MORE Daily Total Views than Swift: ROMEO SANTOS: 17,848,632 – TAYLOR SWIFT: 11,649,123 (See Aug. 12 comparison below) “Who just beat out Taylor, Beyonce and Katy Perry for most YouTube views?”- USA Today Romeo Santos Trumps Beyoncé And Taylor Swift In YouTube Views: There’s no denying the power of bachata, not when numbers are doing the telling. Dominican superstar Romeo Santos has garnered over 4 billion total YouTube views, surpassing America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift and pop empress Beyoncé Knowles. Not too shabby for a kid from el barrio, eh?” – VIBE In Other Recent Romeo Santos News: · ROMEO’s Smash Single “Propuesta Indecente” Has Now Exceeded The TWO-YEAR MARK on Billboard’s “Hot Latin Songs” Chart – It Recently Became The FIRST-EVER Track To Reach The 100-Week Mark on the Chart, And Is Now Impressively Still Holding At #3 After 107 Weeks & Counting · Romeo Santos Supporters Also Jumped Online En Masse Recently, With Over 5,0000 Signatures in 24 Hours, To Support A Fellow Fan’s Petition For A Wax Figure Of The King Of Bachata In The New York Location of Madame TussaudsRomeo Santos Fans Launch Petition For Wax Figure At Madame Tussauds” – NBC News “Fans Really Want Romeo Santos to Have His Own Wax Figure” – Cosmopolitan image007