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PeeWee Launches His New Album “Vive2Life”

An album that lifts our spirits and furthers the international reach of this young talent and amazing person

He invites us behind the scenes for PeeWeeTeeVee, a weekly series of personal videos on his YouTube channel

Soon to launch a promotional tour from coast to coast

In stores September 24!

Miami, FL (September 23, 2013). – There’s nothing more satisfying than an album that lifts our spirits with irresistible songs from back to front. A highly polished album that’s overflowing with talent and positive energy. That’s exactly what the youthful star PeeWee has created with Vive2Life, his first album as an exclusive artist of Sony Music. This album goes on sale in digital and physical formats September 24! For over a year, his fans have been clamoring for this new project – in 2012, he debuted its first single, “Live Your Life,” for millions of TV viewers at the Premios Juventud awards. Fusing EDM with pop and Latin styles, this song has become as ubiquitous in clubs as it is on the radio. This year, he returned to the awards ceremony to present his second single, the danceable song “Duele Decirte Adiós (Time To Let You Go).” With Vive2Life, he takes command with a sound that fuses EDM, pop, R&B and Latin. The lyrics occasionally intersperse English into the Spanish flow, just as PeeWee and millions of Latinos do in their daily conversation. An American of Mexican descent, PeeWee doesn’t just invite us to dance, he also leads the way with his brilliant choreography, a quality that we can admire in his live performances and music videos. This project is the culmination of a year of work. As PeeWee notes, “Besides doing shows here and there, I spent 2012 writing with different writers, meeting with different producers.” Guest artists on Vive2Life include Mr. 305 himself – Pitbull on “Dame Tu Amor (Gimme Your Love)” and the young Mexican balladeers of Río Roma on “Bien Sabes Tú” (You Well Know). Ricardo Montaner wrote the album’s ballad “Dónde Está” (Where Is It), while PeeWee appeals across generations with “Oh Donna (Come Back to Me),” his reimagination of Ritchie Valens’ 1958 classic. The deluxe edition features three additional tracks – “Kukere,” and alternate versions of his hit singles “Live Your Life” and “Duele Decirte Adiós (Time To Let You Go).” With song titles in Spanish, English, and even one in Portuguese, the variety and color of Vive2Life are unparalleled. What’s more, PeeWee unveils a new creative outlet where his charisma is on full display: PeeWeeTeeVee, his series of YouTube videos where he shares unscripted personal moments from his exciting music-star life, here: Every week, PeeWee uploads a new chapter for his fans. PeeWee will have plenty of material during the weeks to come as he launches a major promotional tour – Sept. 24-27, Miami; Sept. 30-Oct. 4, Los Angeles; Oct. 15-18, Texas. Life is better with the music of PeeWee, so take his advice – Vive2Life and buy this extraordinary album! Tracklisting:

  1. Duele Decirte Adios
  2. Tonight
  3. Oh Donna – “Come Back To Me” (cumbia version)
  4. Bien Sabes Tu feat. Rio Roma
  5. Dame Tu Amor “Gimme Your Love” feat. Pitbull
  6. 1 En Un Millón
  7. Make The Lights Go
  8. Donde Esta
  9. Assim Voce Mata O Papai
  10. Oh Donna – “Come Back To Me”
  11. Live Your Life (Spanish version)