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Lali Achieves Gold Status In Argentina With Her Brand New Album “Brava”


“BRAVA” has been added in +20 Playlists WW and became Viral in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, El Salvador, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Guatemala.



Lali‘s third studio album Brava is a sterling collection of 12 strong tracks that possess an innovative sound and reflect her impressive maturity as a singer and songwriter. Lali dazzles us with her mastery of pop, while incorporating urban-music influences as well.

On Brava, Lali duets with such prominent Latin-music artists as Pabllo Vittar (“Caliente”), Abraham Mateo(“Salvaje”), A. Chal (“100 Grados”), Mau y Ricky (“Sin Querer Queriendo”) and Reik (“Mi Última Canción”).

Buzz around this highly anticipated album first emerged in September 2017, with the release of the lead single “Una Na,” which became an instant hit and whose music video has over 19 million views. In November, she released the second single “Tu Novia,” which has received over 5 million views. Third single “100 Grados” has surpassed 8 million views, while the latest single, July’s “Besarte Mucho,” has accumulated 2.5 million views to date.

Lali revealed Brava’s cover art two weeks ago on her Instagram feed. Fans were delighted with its sensual, daring, baroque and memorable style. In just hours, it earned over 100,000 likes.

As Lali puts it, “The aesthetics of this album are very special because they represent a stark contrast to my previous albums. It’s ultramodern, but if you listen closely, it’s fusing Latin styles with the raucous, high spirits of my family members who immigrated to Argentina from Europe.”

Following in the footsteps of her previous albums, Lali once again worked with the production team 3música, which comprises Peter Akselrad, Luis Burgio and Nano Novello, who are also her band members on tour.

The Brava Tour kicks off August 23-24 at Buenos Aires’ Luna Park arena and continues through the rest of the year in the Southern Cone. #BRAVATour will arrive in the Argentine cities of Córdoba (8/31), Rosario (9/1), Santa Fe (9/8), Rafaela (9/9), San Juan (9/13), Mendoza (9/15), Salta (10/5), Tucumán (10/6), Mar del Plata (10/13), and Corrientes (10/27); along with Santiago, Chile (10/19), and Montevideo, Uruguay (11/17).

On August 22nd, Lali will serve as a judge on Talento Fox, the first music-reality show produced by Fox LatAm, alongside Diego Torres and Wisin.

Lali released her solo debut album A Bailar in 2014. It went Gold in Argentina and received the Premio Gardel for Pop Album of the Year – New Artist. Two years later, she released Soy, which found success in Chile, México, the U.S., Spain, Italy, Israel, Paraguay and Uruguay. Now, Lali is one of Latin pop’s most prominent talents, a true Argentine diva who is taking over the world.

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