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Tangana and Dellafuente unveil this year’s most eagerly anticipated collaboration ,“Guerrera”, a declaration of love for the empowered women of our time.


By the end of 2012 when Dellafuente started releasing tracks via YouTube C. Tangana had already self-released a couple of works under the umbrella of the Agorazein collective. Both artists had initially taken advantage of the Internet as a creation and distribution space for their own music. No revenue, 100% independence. They were joined not only by Rap music but both also enjoyed singing to love, sorrow and sadness. Dellafuente took flamenco as a reference while C. Tangana let himself go with the flow of R&B.

On that road where both their careers meet, the artists ended up being two of the most followed urban music musicians in the contemporary scene. A fan-phenomenon that escaped previous stereotypes and consumed their music through their smartphones and crowded these two artists’ shows. Their biography tells the story of urban popular music over the last years.

Their union —evident on their socials— also involved their music: If Dellafuente saluted C. Tangana on the lyrics of the track “Corazón Mío” (2016), the latter would answer back by naming his friend on his multi-platinum hit “Mala Mujer” (2017).


“Guerrera” moves the artists away from Rap territory and brings them into the new forms of House.

Their collaboration has been a long time coming. Their fans have long asked for it through socials and YouTube commentaries. Aware of how important their collaboration would be and in spite of having come close to making it happen several times before, both artists have decided to postpone it until they had something they would be proud of; something that would move them far away from what people might expect from them.

The result is “Guerrera”, a first foray into House, or even contemporary post-disco, in the present “New Wave” scene. A step nobody had taken in the game between rap and dance-floor music. And, to that end, they counted on the production by Alizzz,Antonio Narvaez and one of the leading producers in the electronic music Spanish scene: the Barcelona-born artist Pional. Both Dellafuente and C. Tangana collaborated on the track’s production as well.

Will “Guerrera” be a stand-alone collaboration or is it the beginning of a future project?



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