Recurso 1

Emilia is a young Argentine singer-songwriter, musician, dancer, and actress whose tireless pursuit of excellence in the arts has led her to become an exceptional figure in the entertainment industry. From her first release as a solo artist, Emilia is known worldwide with such hits as: “No Soy Yo” featuring Darell, “Bendición” alongside Alex Rose, “Perreito Salvaje” with Boza, “Cuatro Veinte”, “Rápido Lento” FT Tiago PZK, “De Enero a Diciembre” together with Rusherking, “Como Si No Importara” “La Chain” and “Esto recién empieza” alongside Duki, among others.

Her first album, “Tú crees en mí?”, debuted at No. 4 on Spotify’s Top Albums Global chart and No. 3 on Top Albums Argentina, two massive feats for her debut. Her music, acting, and dance skills create a synergy that allows her to leverage all her talents in every artistic endeavor. Meanwhile, Emilia’s strong bond with her fans supports her every step and achievement with an unparalleled connection. Emilia continues to defy expectations by revealing the full force of her voice while showcasing her impressive talent and striking style.