Recurso 1

Introducing DARUMAS, an extraordinary live musical trio composed of multi-talented musicians and songwriters spanning the diverse landscape of Latin rhythms and culture - Aldana, Ceci, and Vedala. This vibrant band promises a cultural revolution making major waves in the genre by uniting a beautiful blend of Latin funk, pop and a touch of ‘old school’ charm. These three trailblazing chicas bring the heat, and they're a whole vibe too, bringing live music back to the scene. Meet Aldana, the bass queen from Argentina who tore it up in Mexico and now resides in Miami. Introduced to Ceci, Miami-born with Cuban roots, a guitar-slaying vocalist with a love for R&B. Next up, they met Vedala, born in Haiti, and a current resident of Chile – she’s the voice of the group, and her mesmerizing presence captivates listeners on the very first note. The spark ignited virtually amid the pandemic. After these three talents entered the studio, and hit the stage together for the first time, DARUMAS was officially born, with a fitting name synonymous with perseverance. DARUMAS is a band at the heart of a movement. The music unfolds with strong beats, soulful flair, and an unmistakable essence. The band seeks to rewrite the game, push boundaries, all while embracing their Latin roots around the globe, presenting a fresh take on being a band in the modern music world. DARUMAS is bringing live music back. Welcome to the DARUMAS revolution – where every note is a rebellion.