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ARENA RECORD For ROMEO SANTOS + Primetime Single Premiere. Reminder: 2nd STAPLES Center Show 6/26 – TWO YANKEE STADIUM SHOWS COMING JULY 11 & 12

News Release – June 20, 2014 The Latest News On ROMEO SANTOS • Romeo Santos Will Make Arena Touring History TODAY As The FIRST Artist, Regardless of Language, To Perform A THREE-NIGHT Concert Run At Agganis Arena In Boston – Friday, June 20th * Saturday, June 21st * Sunday, June 22nd – Changing Perceptions About the Size Of Latin Music Audiences In Boston, The King Of Bachata Notches The Most Successful Concert Run In The Venues Nine-Year History Press Across The Country Has Widely Hailed Romeo’s Sold-Out Arena Dates: “Romeo Santos incites a frenzy… a superstar in any language” – Houston Chronicle Santos, is pioneering a new form of crossover… he’s a magnetic performer” – OC Register “Santos has star-power, ‘roared’ doesn’t begin to describe the crowd reaction” – Washington Post “Romeo raised the temperature with the kingly confidence he was exuding” – LA Times “songs so enticing, their power seemed regal… Romeos is a red-hot star”- Orlando Sentinel “Catch him in concert, no one is more entertaining and engaging” – VOXXI “Romeo Santos seduces Miami… with rollicking charisma & serious vocal chops that had a sold-out Arena roaring with adoration for three hours” – Miami Herald Following His Record-Setting Run In Boston, Santos Will Return To Los Angeles For A SECOND STAPLES CENTER SHOW (June 26th), And Then Prepare For His HISTORIC TWO-NIGHT STAND At YANKEE STADIUM (July 11 & 12) (See all remaining tour dates & expanded concert reviews below) • Romeo Will Give The Television Performance Premiere Of His Latest Single “Eres Mía” On The July 17th Primetime Broadcast of Univision’s “Premios Juventud” With TWELVE Nominations, The KING OF BACHATA Once Again Leads The Field For Univision’s Annual “Youth Awards” Show That Spotlights The Favorite Music & Pop Culture Figures Of Young U.S. Latinos. Red Hot Artist (Favorite Artist-Soloist or Group in any Genre) – Just Play It All (Favorite CD): Formula Vol. 2 – Favorite Tropical Artist – Follow Me (Best Social Media Communicator) – Catchiest Tune: “Odio” & “Propuesta Indecente” – Favorite Ringtone: “Odio” & “Propuesta Indecente” – Heart-Wrenching Song (Favorite Ballad): “Odio” – Favorite Video: “Propuesta Indecente” – The Perfect Combo: “Odio” (Romeo Santos/Drake) & “Loco” (Enrique Iglesias/Romeo Santos) ————————— ROMEO SANTOS’ Formula Vol. 2 Tour – Upcoming Dates 6/20 Boston, MA Agganis Center: SOLD-OUT 6/21 Boston, MA Agganis Center: SOLD-OUT 6/22 Boston, MA Agganis Center – added by demand 6/26 Los Angeles, CA STAPLES Center – rescheduled second show 6/28 Fresno, CA Selland Arena – new show added 6/29 San Jose, CA SAP Center – new show added 7/11 New York, NY Yankee Stadium – added by demand 7/12 New York, NY Yankee Stadium ¬ – SOLD-OUT Recent Concert Reviews For Romeo Santos, it’s ladies first, as always: At half past eight on Wednesday night, a procession of stilettos marched through sheets of rain toward the [arena]. The flocks of women who had in selfie-ready attire despite the weather were there to find their Romeo. As soon as he arrived, Romeo Santos, king of bachata, was king of the Romeos. He delivered a theatrically passionate performance…dripping romance into thousands of imaginations… Santos is in the midst of a star-making solo career, bringing a pop-infused brand of Bachata to sold-out arenas across the country. …The crowd roared with delight. In fact, “roared” doesn’t begin to describe the reaction. The high-pitched cries coming from the stands could make eardrums hum for days. They rose and fell in a fittingly dramatic fashion, hanging on the whims of Santos…the crowd swooned…they squealed… they showed their adoration in spades. Santos’ star power, was strong enough to light up the arena. [and] get couples dancing chest to chest in the aisles and imagine a romance worthy of the name Romeo.” – Washington Post “Concert review: Romeo Santos incites a frenzy in Houston – Santos’ bold and naughty bachata makes him a superstar in any language. It really doesn’t matter what Romeo Santos does, says or sings. Every word, every lip curl, every hip thrust incites something of a mini-riot. The bachata singer’s first of two shows at Toyota Center was an exercise in hyper-masculine, hyper-sexual, high-pitched energy. He turned on the charm from the moment he stepped onstage…[He’s] a superstar in any language…His sales and tours rival those of top English-language singers. (Few can command two nights at a venue this size.) …The screaming got louder and more enthusiastic as he moved deeper into his set… there’s little reliance on extravagant set pieces, dancers or flashy video interludes. Santos remains front and center throughout the nearly three-hour show, and he ably holds attention. His songs, have a distinct pop edge that makes them accessible to multiple audiences… He keeps tight command of his show but is also a loose, lively performer who genuinely seems to be having fun. …The energy stayed frenetic and Santos kept the mood playful and seemed to make every female feel as if he was singing solely to her… to Santos’ huge credit, he’s taken bachata places it probably would never have seen otherwise.” – Houston Chronicle “Romeo Santos seduces Miami… Romeo Santos wears his ‘King of Bachata’ crown with a wink and a grind – as well as a full-throated, rollicking charisma that had a sold-out American Airlines Arena roaring with adoration and laughter for three hours Saturday night….Santos reigns over Latin pop music these days. …he also has serious musical and vocal chops. He sings with a bachata-style rich falsetto, soaring with aching sweetness… [and gives] an old school, genuinely musical performance – instead of the booming, effects-laden sound that’s become standard for most major concert tours. …the show surged from one sweetly ecstatic high to another. …The crowd roared with enthusiastic, singalong recognition throughout, seeming to know his every hit by heart. Santos seems effortlessly one with his audience …At the end of three hours, the crowd was still begging for more. When Santos returned to seduce another breathless audience volunteer [with] Propuesta Indecente, the crowd was indubitably, totally his.”- Miami Herald “Romeo Santos stages royal affair in L.A. – The chart-topping King of Bachata commands a packed house at Staples Center. The self-proclaimed “King of Bachata” has been a Latin superstar since his days in the quartet Aventura, which last decade rose to staggeringly popular heights before calling it quits after five albums. Both of Santos’ solo efforts have topped the Latin charts, and hit the Top 10 on the pop rundown as well…He can pack Staples Center for two nights… Even more impressively, this summer the Bronx-born Dominican singer will headline Yankee Stadium twice – a total of 100,000 tickets… Santos, is pioneering a new form of crossover: Instead of moving toward the mainstream, releasing music in English, he’s inviting English-speaking musicians into his world, with hip-hop stars Drake and Nicki Minaj appearing on his latest Sony Latino release, Formula: Vol. 2. It’s the music of the children of immigrants, fluent in two cultures (Santos addresses his mostly female crowd in both Spanish and English, often toggling between the two in the same sentence) and unafraid to mix them. Rather than yield to dance-beat commercialism as his solo career soars, his songs instead maintain the rhythms of the bolero and merengue, with up to four percussionists powering his band, while guitarists play taut, skittery leads and laptops, synthesizers and drum machines add contemporary touches. It’s a well-blended sancocho of sounds that even Hollywood is taking notice of: Midway through Thursday’s show, Santos called out Vin Diesel, then announced that he will co-star with the action favorite in “Fast and Furious 7.” It doesn’t hurt Santos’ case that he’s a magnetic performer, able to command with ease. He roams the stage like a welterweight: lithe and sinewy, light on his feet, but quick and precise in his punches. He has a sweet, pleading high tenor than can climb into a falsetto fighting a sob yet also lower into a wolfish growl.” –OC Register “Romeo Santos ruled during an explosive, nearly four-hour concert Saturday that mesmerized thousands of loyal subjects—mainly swooning ladies— at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. The dimple-faced crooner elicited piercing screams by just lowering his shades.” – Sun-Sentinel Romeo Santos comes on like a king at Staples Center …Yet if Santos had complete control over this sold-out, nearly three-hour concert, he wore his authority lightly, ruling not with an iron fist but an assured caress. …bachata uses a delicate tone to emphasize themes of romance and heartbreak. And Santos, singing mostly in Spanish, clung to the form’s essential tenderness here, even as his muscular 13-piece band scaled the precise grooves to arena dimensions… he raised the temperature for the tango-inflected “Propuesta Indecente,” shimmying beneath the covers of a bed with another fan. The bit was naughty but respectful, with Santos in the role of erotic supplicant rather than bedroom conqueror. He maintained that stance in “Promise,” pledging his heart to a woman with the proviso that she treat him gingerly. On “Formula Vol. 1” that tune appears as a duet with Usher, one of several collaborations Santos has done lately with English-language pop stars. Here, though, Santos declined to bring out any of his singing partners — another sign of the kingly confidence he was exuding all on his own. Thursday’s show did feature an unannounced guest in the actor Vin Diesel, who sent the crowd into a tizzy with the news that Santos had joined the cast of “Fast & Furious 7” – Los Angeles Times “When you’re king, there’s no point in being shy about it. Still, it’s impressive to watch heartthrob Romeo Santos, the self-proclaimed king of bachata, embrace the trappings of that title. He looked every inch a royal on Friday, making a tantalizingly slow entrance on an elegantly appointed stage that Diana Ross or Beyonce might envy. …Santos and his expressive 12-piece band backed up the fanfare with more than 2-1/2 hours of songs so enticing that their power seemed almost regal. Santos reigns over urban Bachata …[he’s]a red-hot star” – Orlando Sentinel Reasons to Love Romeo Santos – Find out why concert goers will always remember the king of bachata’s tour kick off…Romeo had the ladies screaming at alarming frequencies for the kickoff of his tour…Formula Vol.2 is easily going to be a 2014 nod in the Best Latin Album category….Romeo has matured into one those rare-gem entertainers — the type of guy you can imagine being your best friend or someone you can take back home to mami. It’s in the way he walks and talks bachata — keeping the crossover by wooing audiences in his distinctively Bronx Spanglish… Concert attendee Lorenzo Morales explained the singer’s importance this way: ‘Romeo is a positive role model for men because his music is about how to love a woman and how to dance with her…. He breaks the stereotypes of machismo — he makes it OK to show affection — to treat them like queens.” – NBC San Diego “An unforgettable night … there he was, before a wave of hollering fans, tall, dark and handsome with his captivating dimpled-smile looking impeccable…when he left the stage, a demanding full-house screamed for more. …catch him in concert, no one is more entertaining, interactive and engaging, as Romeo Santos.” – Voxxi